Tour Service

Bangkok Tour

Sightseeing tour in the central part of the city, visiting of The Golden Laying Buddha Temple and the main temple complex of Thailand - Royal Palace and The Emerald Buddha Temple. Cruise trip (Chao Praya River). Lunch also is included (restaurant on the Top of Bayoke Sky – the tallest building in Thailand). The clothes should cover legs and shoulders.

1900 07:00-20:00

The River Kwai

Two-day excursion in a province on the border with Myanmar, located at 5 hours driving from Pattaya. Floating on the mountain twisting River Kwai, the most beautiful falls. Hot mineral sources, elephant back trekking in jungle, natural pharmacy, picturesque landscapes are only a small part of those places that you will see, and also night in a floating hotel on the river.
2350 04:30

Cambodia 2days

From about 800 A.D. to 1,400, Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire. It was an Indic civilization: indeed, the name 'Angkor' is derived from the Sanskrit 'nakara,' or sacred city. Even the term 'Khamea,' which is equivalent to 'Cambodian,' is derived from the Sanskrit Kambuja. Though never entirely forgotten, the site was semi-abandoned for some 500 years, and reports from occasional visitors, both Asian and European, were disregarded until the mid-19th century. Since 1991, Angkor has been open to for foreign visitors. The program includes visiting Siam Reap town and Angkor Wat - the famous complex of temples under UNESCO patronage.
3800 5:00

Discovery tour-the best tour!

Sangsuk temple, Chinesse temple, oyster farm, pineapple farm, tiger zoo (elephant show, crocodile show, tiger show),kao keaw open zoo, lunch.



Flight of Gibbon

2700 7:00/14:00

Cable Rides

New rainforest extreme tour! Glide from tree house to tree house above the forest canopy. 20 platforms + 16 cable rides for over 3 km. No experience necessary safe and fully insured attraction with highly trained staff on every platform. Expert training session before .Unforgettable adventure in the rainforest! Tour includes a complimentary meal.


6:30, 9:30, 13:00

Wat Yan Sangwararam, Khao Chee Chan,Viharnra Sien Tours

Wat Yansangwararam is a temple under the king's patronage is unique for its modern Thai architecture.There is Chinese-style building called "Wihan Sian" with antiques and art objects from China. Also you will see the Golden Buddha Image on the mountain and visit long-neck people village+WORLD GEMS COLLECTION


Min. 4 persons

Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm

This Park & Farm is striking tourist attraction created with more than 20 years' efforts, for all nature lovers. It contains much more than what its name suggests. It is not only a living museum of curious and beautiful things of all the three kingdoms-animal, vegetable and mineral, but it also offers you several kinds of amusing and exciting shows.


11:45 - 15:00

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden (Orchid Village)

One of the biggest gardens in Southeast Asia. There are many beautiful gardens, featuring the largest variety of Palm's and Cycad's in the world, along with the greatest selection of Orchid's in Thailand. The most popular 'Thai Cultural and Elephant' shows run all day long. Afterwards get up close to different wild animals, colourful birds and wonderful fish. The kids will really feel like they're in paradise playing in the parks, children's playgrounds and gardens. Don't forget the best way to see the park: on the back of an elephant!



Oceanarium “The Underwater World”

Spectacular 100 meter-long tunnel with acrylic windows, home to great shoals of fish, prowling predators and a host of other creatures that inhabit the ocean depths.




The unique exotic show for adults. Nothing similar around the world, in Thailand only!



Alkazar show

VIP-900/ NORMAL -600 +Transfer 130 Bht.
everyday 18:30 20:00 21:30

Tiffany’s Show

VIP-900/ DELUXE-700/ NORMAL-600 +Transfer 150 Bht.
everyday 18:00, 19:30, 21:00

Alangkarn Show

Thai Alangkarn Theater Proudly presents “The Thai Extravaganza Show” Touch a new experience of Thai performing arts in a Panoramic Concept which is the first of its kind in Thailand. System and more.



Real Jungles on ATV

Travel around Pattaya by ATV (modern four-wheel off-road motorbikes). Pattaya country tour with visiting of fruit plantation, the mountain with Big image of Buddha. Special gift for tourist is fresh pineapple!


8:30 – 13:30, 14:00 – 19:00

Jeep Safari

Travel in the open four-seat jeeps. It is very good opportunity to see the real Thailand! Pattaya country tour with visiting of fruit plantation, the mountain with Big image of Buddha. Lunch/dinner is included.
3000 09:30

Dolphin show

Dolphin show -45 min, swimming -15min.only show/ show+swimming
900 /2800 everyday 08-00, 12-00

Siam Park

Aqua park/ attractions for children and adults
1300 09:00 - 17:00

Dream World

Amusement park Dream World (with attractions for children and adults)
1600 09:00-17:00


Travel to the mysterious underwater world. There are special programs for novices and professional divers (the developer of the program - Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Diving – 2 times (30 min/each). Lunch.
3200 09:00 – 15:00

Coral Island(Koh Larn)

20 minutes by speed boat , lunch and sun-bed are included to the cost.



Sea Adventures

Entertaining cruise for everybody! Fishing, swimming and snorkeling. You will spend all day long in the open sea! Visiting of Monkeys’ Island. The ship is equipped with waterslides and bar. Fruits, tea, coffee and doughnuts for the breakfast. Lunch in the Russian style.



Sea safari

Active islands tour. Fishing, snorkeling, 2 islands for swimming+ monkey island, lunch included.


08:00 17:00

Catamaran Serenity VIP

VIP cruise on the snow-white boat “Serenity”. You will visit 3 islands during one day: Koh Pai, Koh Rin, Koh Ped (Monkeys’ Island). Swimming in crystal clean water, snorkeling, fishing and Thai style lunch. The boat is equipped with trampoline for children.


08:30 – 17:30

Samet Island

Superb white sandy beaches, pleasant climate, crystal clear water, different recreational activities, Samet Island provides everything for everyone. Hour of driving from Pattaya up to small town and 40 minutes by ferry. Lunch and sun-bed are included to the cost. Please do not forget to take a towel and a sun-protection cream.


07:30 - 18:00

Samet Island + fire show

2300 Wed Sat 7:30 - 23:00

Fish Hunting

For real fans of fishing! Fish Hunting “Garfish”(the average size of this sea hunter-about meter.) Full equipped ship, professional captain and his team will provide interesting and successful fishing. Lunch is included.



Chang Island (2 days)

The island of Koh Chang is a tropical marine national park. Chang’s archipelago. A temple and a rock of monkeys. Falls Phleuw, swimming with black carps. The ferry goes to Koh Chang. Lunch, settling in hotel, a free time on the beach. In the evening - dinner and fiery show on a beach. A breakfast, trip to Liao Island, snorkeling. A dinner. Returning to Koh Chang. Visiting prawn’s farm and mangroves thickets.
4500 5:00

Coconut Lagoon (Koh Kood)

Two-day excursion to picturesque island of coconut palm trees, a white sandy beach, crystal-clear water with huge quantity multi-colored small fishes. By the way to the island you will visit Phleuw waterfall, you can feed black carps and swim with them also. After arrival to the Koh Kood (island), accommodation in hotel (bungalow’s type). Leisure time with swimming and sunbathing. Fishing or diving (chargeable).
13500 Wed/Sun 3:30

Mini Siam & Mini Europe Park

It displays Thai and European heritage in a miniature scale. This is the third miniature town in the world after Netherlands and Taiwan that contains models of important objects and historical sites of different cultures, and civilizations of various periods from the ancient time till the present. More than 100 models, with scale of 1:25 of form which is as like as realism.



Tiger zoo

Elephant show, crocodile show, tiger show.



Safari “Khao Kheow”

the biggest open zoo on the mountain. Giraffes, hippopotamuses, lions, bear… Interesting safari trip by open bus around the park. You can take amazing pictures and feed some animals.



Snake show

The are many interesting shows,for example,taming of cabra or python.Also you can try soup or fried snake meat there.
600 11:00

Elephant trekking (Combination trekking)

Elephant riding, jungle walk, rafting across a local lake and return to the village ox-cart.

Buffet lunch is included.

1000 2100 10:00 15:30

Ayutthaya – the Ancient Capital of Siam

By the time the first Europeans arrived in the mid-17th century, Ayutthaya was a city of more than a million people - double the population of London at the time. The city sat at the center of a network of nearly 140 kilometers of canals. This 'Golden Age' of Siam came to a close after little more than 400 years when the Burmese sacked the city, setting fire to the temples, carting off the gold and leveling important buildings such as the kings palace. The ruins of the old capital in the Ayutthaya historical park are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also you will visit ancient temples of Saraburi and Lopbhuri provinces. Lunch is included.
3400 6:00


relaxation and health improvement. You can choose different programs, which include sauna, body scrub, wrapping, oil massage or hot stone massage, Thai herbal drinks and fresh fruits. There is special slimming treatment!
1500-5000 everyday